Accelerating Success

A Non-Profit Consortium with strong ties to regional businesses, NOIC champions partnerships across organizations throughout Northwest Ohio. It is driven by a bold goal to establish NW Ohio as a key player in innovation, nurturing the creation of new employment, entrepreneurial ventures, and advanced research designed to meet the evolving requirements of global businesses.

Our Value

NOIC is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Consortium, born out of local industry, with a vision to make Northwest Ohio a national leader in innovation, creating new jobs and business opportunities and supporting world-class research aligning with the needs of local industries.

Our Mission

NOIC is a platform for collaboration between local industries, education partners and workforce development serving to catalyze technology commercialization, talent development pipelines and sustainable manufacturing for all regional stakeholders.

Our Focus

NOIC Sustainability Pillars

Decarbonize every step in the manufacturing supply chain within multiple industries with a leading focus on solar technology.


Collaborate with area workforce development agencies, union training facilities and community colleges to reach the underserved community and support long-tern employment opportunities.


Achieve manufacturing revenue and jobs growth through the implementation of advanced technology.


People power our work.

Our Members

Consortium Leadership

Owens Illinois

Roger Smith

NOIC Regional Innovation Officer & President

Owens Illinois

Matthew Kirian

NOIC Assistant Secretary

Libbey Glass

Jim Burmeister

NOIC Treasurer

NSG & Pilkington North America

Kyle Sword

NOIC Board Member

Huntington Bank 

Sharon Speyer

NOIC Co-Vice Chairman

Key Bank & Regional Growth Partnership

Jim Hoffman

NOIC Co-Vice Chairman

Owens Illinois

Dr. Ludovic Valette

NOIC Chairman of the Board

Owens Community College

Dr. Denise S. Smith

NOIC Board Member

Bowling Green State University

Mark Fox

NOIC Intellectual Property Special Adviser

Center for Regional Development

Dr. Nichole Fifer

NOIC Board Member


Paul Toth

NOIC Board Member

Owens Illinois

Steve Scharf

NOIC Intellectual Property Special Adviser

The University of Toledo

Frank Calzonetti

NOIC Board Member

First Solar

Lou Trippel

NOIC Secretary

Owens Corning

Don Rettig

NOIC Board Member

Regional Growth Partnership 

Dean Monske

NOIC Board Member

Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

Wendy Gramza

NOIC Board Member

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